Di seguito l'elenco degli errori forniti dalle api

Return Code



Arbitrary MEssage - Questo rc non รจ un messaggio di errore ma fornisce indicazioni al sistema - non ancora in uso


"" - Questo campo non viene valorizzato quando la richiesta ha avuto esito positivo


Sintax Error: {detail}


Access denied: {detail}


Warning: {detail}


Fatal Error: There was an internal Error. Please retry or contact


The function {0} does not exist


Field {0} si mandatory


It was not possible to reserve item(s). Item is out of stock


It was not possible to reserve item(s). Minimum quantity is not reached


Minimum quantity not reached but {0} item(s) inserted for out of stock


The requested quantity is not available in stock. Only {0} item(s) was reserved


One or more errors occurred while processing your request


id_basket {0} not found


Unable to add quantity requested. The product is out of stock


Unable to proceed. User does not have permission to perform this action


Your Basket is Empty


id_order [id_order] not found


Order status > 1. Change is forbidden


Allowed values are 0 and 1


user [user] not found


user_cod must be 0 or 1


Order status can not be decremented


Please select your Shipping Company


Invalid Payment Method


Invalid Credit Card Number


Invalid Credit Card  Expiration Date


Invalid Credit Card CCV/CCV2 code


Invalid Country. Use one of the values available into the field COD (int) of get_shipping_country message


Invalid Country. Call the message update_user_order and change the user_country field using one of the vaslues available into the field COD (int) of get_shipping_country message


The Bundle specified does not exist


Unable to find basket product into the bundle. Please check if they were removed from another interface/call or contact


The item specified does not exist into the bundle.


Shipping Item can not be contained in the items to be deleted


Shipping Item does not belong to the bundle


A bundle must be composed of at least 2 items


shipping_item must be in the items list


The following items cannot be used into this bundle: [list detail]


The bundle already exist

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